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Hola Todos! [25 Nov 2004|02:15pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

[::Name::] Amy
[::Nicknames::] Stuie, Yama, Amers, Madd Dog, etc etc
[::Age::] 18!!
[::School::] Montoursville High
[::Mascot::] Warriors
[::Grade::] Senior
[::Instrument(s)::] Middle school I played flute, but this year I decided to try Tenor Saxophone
[::Favourite season (marching or concert)::] Marching = Color Guard, Concert = Sax ... I guess both?
[::Favourite marching band song::] either "Touch Me" or "Light My Fire"
[::Favourite concert band song::] Dunno
[::Accomplishments in band thus far::] Umm...yeah...I just joined this year...I'm a loser and have no accomplishments in band whatsoever =(
[::Plans for future (band wise)::] If I really like Sax maybe I'll play in college
[::Plans for future (after school wise)::] Double majoring in Special Needs Education and Pre-Veterinary, maybe minor in Psychology after first year in college
[::Other facts::] I like skipping certain classes (cough*English*cough) and going down to the band room instead...

1 One band, one sound.

weeeeeeeee! BAND PEOPLE!! =D [17 Nov 2004|03:13am]

[ mood | crazy ]

[::Name::] Jessica Woodhead
[::Nicknames::] Jess, Woody
[::Age::] 16
[::School::] Muncy
[::Mascot::] Indian
[::Grade::] 11/junior
[::Instrument(s)::] tuba!
[::Favourite season (marching or concert)::] marching
[::Favourite marching band song::] "Hang On Sloopy,"
[::Favourite concert band song::] "Walls of Zion," or "Bacchanale,"
[::Accomplishments in band thus far::] Drum Major, baby! w00t!
[::Plans for future (band wise)::] March as many Drum Corps as I possibly can.
[::Plans for future (after school wise)::] go to college and major in psychology, minor in music ed. and get my Ph.D in Psych.
[::Other facts::] Tuba is awesome. That is all.

2 One band, one sound.

[14 Nov 2004|09:27pm]

[::Name::] Emma
[::Nicknames::] Em, Bing, Noodle
[::Age::] 17, 18 next month
[::School::] Montoursville
[::Mascot::] Warriors
[::Grade::] Senior
[::Instrument(s)::] flute, french horn
[::Favourite season (marching or concert)::] marching because i like the music more
[::Favourite marching band song::] Hey Baby
[::Favourite concert band song::] Charlie Brown Christmas
[::Accomplishments in band thus far::] historian (11)...that's about it
[::Plans for future (band wise)::] might join marching band in college
[::Plans for future (after school wise)::] after high school i plan to attend college and major in history with a certification in secondary education
[::Other facts::] I'm a dork.
One band, one sound.

[14 Nov 2004|09:12pm]

[ mood | someone stole my face!!! ahh!! ]

[::Name::] Stacie
[::Nicknames::] Big Dude calls me "George" sometimes for some unknown reason, yet again, it IS Mr. Carpenter...

[::Age::] 15 / 16 in March

[::School::] Montoursville (yea...we suck...)

[::Mascot::] Scott Boyles... a.k.a. The Warriors

[::Grade::] Sophomore (and for the idiots out there, that's 10th grade ;-) )

[::Instrument(s)::] flute/piccolo but mainly flute

[::Favourite season (marching or concert)::] concert by far cuz ya don't gotta sweat ur ass off at the beginning of the season then freeze your ass off at the end of the season... 'specially when ya make playoffs too...

[::Favourite marching band song::] In The Stone, im obsessed w/ that song even though I can't hit the really high G on the piccolo yet

[::Favourite concert band song::] Tis' A Gift

[::Accomplishments in band thus far::] I'm Historian, I feel sped :-P

[::Plans for future (band wise)::] get the hell out of Montoursville

[::Plans for future (after school wise)::]] marry a rich, smart, handsome guy and have 2 or 3 kids haha

[::Other facts::] umm... 1) It's my birthday
2) I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Weiner
3) I like to breakdance at Perkins lmao.
4) KT * is the only one who truly understands me
5) Sophomore year sucks big time

That Is All.

One band, one sound.

[14 Nov 2004|05:25pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

[::Name::] Kathryn
[::Nicknames::] Katie, Kathryn who is, Kathryn the Red, Bob Fiiiiiiish, Kitty
[::Age::] 18
[::School::] Montoursville
[::Mascot::] Warriors
[::Grade::] 12th
[::Instrument(s)::] Baritone/Euphonium
[::Favourite season (marching or concert)::] Marching has its perks. It's the first season of the year, so it's a time when we become a family. And I've found, if we don't become friends during marching season, we don't become friends at all, or at least the best of friends. Or so I've found in my experience.
[::Favourite marching band song::] "Hey Ya" and "Twistin' the Night Away"
[::Favourite concert band song::] "If Thou Be Near"
[::Accomplishments in band thus far::] (senior year) Secretary/treasurer, section leader, and co-librarian
[::Plans for future (band wise)::] District Pre-Aud next Sunday (good luck to anyone else going!) And County Band, at which I will be the only female baritone :-)
[::Plans for future (after school wise)::] Attending college for Sound Recording Technology. Either at Fredonia State (south of Buffalo, NY) or Lebanon Valley (near Hershey, PA). My last resort is Mansfield...
[::Other facts::] I am the only female baritone as far as high school marching bands go in all of Lycoming County :-) (If I'm wrong, please correct me!)

One band, one sound.

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