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lycoming_bands's Journal

Lycoming County Bands
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Hello! Welcome to the community for High School and/or college bands in Lycoming County! Feel free to post anything band related.
There are no rules. Rules? We don't need to stinking rules!
One thing I do ask though, please only join if you are:
**live in Lycoming County and
**are in your high school's band.
**go to college in Lycoming County and
**are in you college's band.
**are an alumni from your Lycoming County high school band.
**are an alumni from your Lycoming County college.
Please fill out the form below in your first post. This is a way to get to know each other. Which is the main reason why this community was created! :-)

[::Favourite season (marching or concert)::]
[::Favourite marching band song::]
[::Favourite concert band song::]
[::Accomplishments in band thus far::]
[::Plans for future (band wise)::]
[::Plans for future (after school wise)::]
[::Other facts::]

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