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weeeeeeeee! BAND PEOPLE!! =D

[::Name::] Jessica Woodhead
[::Nicknames::] Jess, Woody
[::Age::] 16
[::School::] Muncy
[::Mascot::] Indian
[::Grade::] 11/junior
[::Instrument(s)::] tuba!
[::Favourite season (marching or concert)::] marching
[::Favourite marching band song::] "Hang On Sloopy,"
[::Favourite concert band song::] "Walls of Zion," or "Bacchanale,"
[::Accomplishments in band thus far::] Drum Major, baby! w00t!
[::Plans for future (band wise)::] March as many Drum Corps as I possibly can.
[::Plans for future (after school wise)::] go to college and major in psychology, minor in music ed. and get my Ph.D in Psych.
[::Other facts::] Tuba is awesome. That is all.
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welcome :-)
Yay!!! New people! And even more awesome...LOW BRASS people!

Hello and welcome :-)